Formally dedicated on Sunday, December 9, 1866, the Immaculate Conception Parish first served residents of Kenton and Hardin County as a missionary church in the Diocese of Cincinnati.

From it’s humble beginnings, St. Mary’s Immaculata Church, later renamed to Immaculate Conception, has provided religious education for first grade through twelfth at the St. Anthony Institute. High school classes continued through 1934 while the grade school remained open for 40 more years. Parish societies flourished at Immaculate Conception – the Holy Name Society, Catholic Ladies of Columbia, the Knights of Columbus. In addition to the St. Anthony Institute, the San Antonio Hospital was dedicated in 1907 and continued to operate through the 1960’s. In 1944 the church transitioned to the Diocese of Columbus. The convent, built in 1880, housed the Sisters of Charity who served the church, school and area until the 1970’s.

Immaculate Conception has been the home of 20 pastors and 14 associate pastors beginning in 1866. Our current pastor, Father Ed Shikina, and associate pastor, Father Jeffery Tigyer, continue to serve the parish and local community by offering many wonderful programs and excellent leadership. The church Stewardship Committee, under leadership from Fr. Shikina & Fr. Tigyer, continue to form a path to renewing the spiritual lives of the parishioners as well as inviting new members and returning Catholics home by offering many new and exciting programs and opportunities within the church.

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