Parish Pastoral Council:

The Parish Pastoral Council represents the people of the parish and serves as an advisory council to the pastor. The Council coordinates parish activities through their committees and promotes development of long-range plans. The Council and pastor seek to learn the will of God for Immaculate Conception parish and to enact or implement this as best it is able.


  • Fr. Ed Shikina
  • Fr. Jeffrey Tigyer
  • Colleen Lautar – Chariperson
  • Richard Vanderwerf – Vice Chairperson
  • Stephanie Temple – Secretary
  • Shirley Byal
  • Briane Minter
  • Ernie Klingelhofer
  • Kate Johnson
  • Stacy Stacklin

Parish Finance Committee:

This is an advisory council whose members are appointed by the pastor. The primary responsibility of the Parish Finance Council is to assist and advise the pastor regarding the financial and operational well-being of the parish in accordance with Diocesan policies and directives. The work of this committee involves preparation and administration of the annual budget; review of quarterly and annual financial statements and to ensure the ongoing solvency of the parish.


  • Fr. Ed Shikina
  • Holly Sinn-Bailey
  • Ann Marie Murphy
  • Ellen Ramge
  • Jim Sprang
  • Bob Temple
  • Patty Warner

Stewardship Renewal Committee:

The goal of the Stewardship Committee is to promote the stewardship message and assist in establishing stewardship as a way of life for the parish. Today a call is sounding throughout the Catholic Church to recognize its mission and to develop a new way of looking at fulfilling this mission. This is the call to Christian Stewardship, a way of life that centers on God and the understanding that He is the source and provider of all we have — our life, our talents and abilities, and also our financial and material possessions. All of this is a gift from God; we are merely the caretakers, or stewards, of these gifts.


  • Katherine Temple
  • Danita Podach
  • Connie Dietz
  • Steve Scharf
  • Ellen Ramge
  • Louie Wrasman
  • Dr. Kate Johnson
  • Holly Sinn-Bailey