Social Justice

Social Justice/Respect Life Committee

This committee exists to bring awareness to parishioners of the intrinsic value of every human life. Our goal is to provide social awareness regarding the respect for human life from every aspect, with a special emphasis and focus on abortion, scientific embryo research, euthanasia and contraception. Committee activities and programs focus on areas of prayer, education and awareness, direct support to women in crisis situations and legislative advocacy.

Environmental Stewardship

This committee is to help with the mission of keeping Immaculate Conception Church a “green” parish. We would like our parish to develop into a place that appreciates our world and the environment and cares what happens to it. They will also enact a recycling program. 

Ecumenical Affiliations

S.O.U.P. Kitchen

The Hardin County S.O.U.P. (Some Of Us People) Kitchen is held in the St. Anthony Parish Center the last week of each month and serves the needy of Hardin County. This is an ecumenical endeavor and is comprised of people of all denominations. Each month members of various church communities take turns in staffing the food line and provide support in cleaning and setting up.

Kenton Council of Churches

Consisting of members from various Christian communities in Kenton, this organization seeks opportunities to work together for the good of the people of all faiths. Ecumenical prayer services are set up at various times of the year, For example, during Lent the public is invited to churches in the area who take their turn in providing a prayer service in their church and a social hour afterward. A representative from our parish is appointed by the pastor to serve on this council. Volunteers are also needed to help with the social after the service.

Love INC

Love In The Name Of Christ is a distribution agency that assists in matching needy individuals with the appropriate agency. They assist in joining us with other area churches and agencies in our common service to the poor.

Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Every Christmas season Immaculate Conception Church is invited by the Salvation Army to volunteer a day of “bell ringing” at one of the local stores. Monies collected from the bell ringing drive stay in Hardin County to benefit individuals who slip through the cracks of the government poverty designation.  

Outreach Opportunities

Heartbeat of Hardin County

Immaculate Conception Church has a representative that attends the various meetings and functions of Heartbeat. This representative also keeps our parish involved in the Baby Bottle Boom-a-rang, a way of collecting needed items for mothers who choose to keep their babies and need help in getting on their feet. They also give parenting classes and teach practical advice to new mothers.

Christmas Food Baskets

This is an outreach program all parishioners are encouraged to participate in. A grocery cart is placed at the back of Church to leave canned goods and other boxed food in. Collected items are distributed in food boxes before Christmas. Volunteers are needed to help assemble and load the food boxes into vehicles when the recipients come to pick them up.

Awakening Faith/Catholic Returning Home

This is a program designed to reach out and invite non-practicing inactive Catholics to return “Home to the Catholic Church”.

Hardin County Fair Booth

This outreach ministry allows Immaculate Conception Church to touch lives that it might not come into contact with in everyday life. We are able to use this ministry to show that we are an active and viable part of community life in the county and to evangelize others about the Catholic faith. Volunteers to staff the fair booth are always welcome. The fair runs for six days the first full week of September.

Parish Newsletter

The parish newsletter is published quarterly and reports about past and future events at the parish. The newsletter is mailed to all registered parishioners.

Parish Potpourri

The “Parish Potpourri” is inserted in the bulletin once a month. It contains parishioners’ birthdays and anniversaries and prayer requests for the sick. This newsletter could be expanded to include upcoming parish activities and a list of parishioners needing help or various services.